Gideon Midas Harms

November 15, 2017 ~ September 17, 2018

Gideon Midas Harms 

November 15th, 2017 ~ Eternity

Hey Gideon, my sweet precious baby boy Gideon. I miss you sweetheart. It was such a joy to get to be your momma. It's been hard to let you go, to give you back to your Daddy in heaven. 


I miss you so much. I miss kissing your head, seeing your smile, and hearing you squeal with delight. I miss nursing you and having you fall asleep on my chest. I even miss your cry, because now I know that it meant there was still breath in those precious lungs; breath that was such a gift and a miracle.


I miss taking you for walks up the hill to see the sunset, I miss seeing your eyes light up as I put something new or that you loved in front of you and seeing you reach out for it. You especially loved my ukulele! I miss how excited you would get when your daddy got home from work and the little sounds you would often make to greet him. I miss seeing you sit on your Opa's lap and play his big drum with him. I miss seeing you and daddy play peek-a-boo. I miss the way you would light up a room. I miss singing over you and praying over you.


I miss your funny, cute expressions and your alert inquisitive gaze, always taking everything in. I miss you reaching for my nose and daddy's too. I miss the way you would chew even when you weren't eating, like you were a cow with its cud. I miss feeding you new foods and seeing the funny faces you would make.


I miss giving you baths and I miss your cute little naked-baby-bottom.

I miss dressing you in your cute little cloths. I miss seeing you go from balled to having hair! I even miss changing your diaper. I miss carrying you around with me, and I miss looking in the mirror with you and seeing that I was your momma and you were my baby. 


But the beautiful thing that I'm hanging on to and that I even get to catch glimpses of now and then is that you are doing all of these things and more with Jesus now! 


I know He gives you lots of kisses! I know you squeal with delight in His presence! I know you get to sit on His Lap and play His big drum with Him! I know He must lift you up on His shoulders and show you the sunsets as He paints them..maybe you get to help!

I know you're still as alert and inquisitive as ever, taking in all the beauty and splendor of heaven! I bet you try to get Jesus' nose too:)

I wonder if he gives you raspberries on your belly like I used to, probably.


I'm sure your eating all kinds of foods up there that I've never even tasted! And that Jesus might have to change your diaper...tho I'm not sure if there are dirty diapers in heaven or not. I'm sure you're making all of the little naked-baby Angels jealous of your beyond-cute naked-baby-bottom! 


And I know Jesus loves to sing and pray over you just like he always has. I'm so excited for all the things you get to do now that you couldn't do here! I can see Jesus playing tag with you and other kids, and jump-roping with you and other kiddos too! I see Jesus throwing you high in the air and catching you--something mommy never would have aloud daddy to do. I see you running and jumping! I see making friends with other kiddos up there and I see you meeting all kinds of amazing animals, horses and lions and kitty's and doggies! There's so much laughter, and so much joy and so much delight! 


Jesus, thank for the precious miracle of my son's life here on earth and that he gets to continue his life with you in heaven.

Gideon, I know you are in the best hands. The hands that created you, your body yes, but most of all your eternal soul; the hands that will hold you forever and the hands that hold mommy and daddy and the whole world too. The hands that were nailed to a tree for you and for me and for daddy and for everybody, so that you could be where you are now and so that mommy and daddy and anyone else who wants to be held by those hands too will get to join you one day. 


I love you so much Gideon, my sweet baby! I will always be your momma and you will always be my baby:)

Thank you for taking such good care of my son Abba, he is yours for ever and so am I.



“Jesus overheard them and said, “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to this truth: No one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these!””

Matthew 19:14


Please Join as we Celebrate Gideon's Life

Sun, Sep 23rd, 4pm at the Skating Rink in Huntsville 

All are welcome! 




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